And Then They Were Four

It happened We tucked them into bed for the last time as their little three-year-old selves. I don’t remember being so emotional about other birthdays… but for some reason their last day as three-year-olds really tugged at my heartstrings.  It was the last time we’d tuck our “three-year-olds” into bed, kiss those little lips and snuggle those little bodies.

They came into our bed the next morning (no surprise there.) They were so excited that it was finally their birthday!
“Is my leg four too, mom?” Eden asked while holding up her leg.
“Yes! You’re all four!” I replied with a smile.
“Do we get to go to school now?!” She asked.
“No, not yet, sweety.” … and thank goodness! I thought I was having a meltdown the night before!?

Something seemed different. They actually looked older to me. I didn’t like that. They’re supposed to stay little forever. Ok… anyways…  I want my babies to stay babies forever.

On to the fun stuff!

Fay and Eden asked for a unicorn birthday party this year. That changed many times… but I stuck with that idea. It meshed well in my head. Thanks to a little ‘pinspiration’ and a lot of help from my friend Liz and of course the hubs, we celebrated Fay and Eden’s 4th birthday, unicorn style.

I was busy decorating in the morning and Eden very concernedly would say to me, “Mom… where are my friends? You’re ruining my party!”
GASP! “Eden!?!?! Your friend’s are coming over this afternoon… mommy is busy making your party beautiful for you and sis!”
“It’s so beautiful mom. Thanks. I love it.”

I love parties. Planning them… decorating them… parties. They excite me. So a few months ago I started gathering and planning.
This darling little number I stumbled upon on Etsy, while searching for unicorn decorations. It’s from a darling vintage shop called Second Hand Story.  The price was fantastic and even if it hadn’t been, it’s quite possible that I easily could have justified my thought process of buying it because how darling would that look in a future nursery? (No that’s not an announcement) The best part about this is that when I opened the box, I heard a sound. The thing has a wind up music thingamajigger! It actually said that it was a music box on the description title but I didn’t even take the time to read that… I just hastily threw the thing in my online cart. HA!

Unicorn invitation-no info

It was fun designing this little invite 🙂 I just loved the clipart that I found on etsy!

I purchased some tulips to put around the house. Flowers are the prettiest decoration. And tulips are so affordable 🙂

IMG_0417.1 IMG_0418.1







These letters are from Michaels.



Taste testing.

Recognize these darling dresses? You probably saw them in the last post. He he. The sign that they’re hanging on is my labour of love. I started making it when we were living in the Caribbean, hauled it to another island and then managed to get it home and finish it up here. We bought a helium tank from Walmart. SOOOO HANDY and so recommended.

The wonderment. I feel as though this shot is pinterest worthy. And that makes me happy. Love the paper fans? Me too! Thanks to my friend Kylee for her Silhouette skills, and to pinterest for the glitter DIY tutorial that I can’t find now. Murphy’s law. But pretty much what you do is brush on modge podge and shake on sprinkles. 🙂 Easy peasy lemon squeezey.

I’m sorry that most of you didn’t get to have a slice of this incredible, drool-worthy, heavenly, flavour packed, beautiful cake. It was amazing. My darling friend Nicole, yes… that Nicole… The one from Pepper and Palate, made this cake for Fay and Eden. If you’re not following her on instagram… it is time. @pepperandpalate my friends. So Nicole, darling, THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!! Yummy!!!!!
That unicorn cake topper you see there is a dollar store horse and a “hot-glue-gunned-on” screw, spray painted. Easy and cheap. The pennant topper I scored at Michaels. They were having some sweet buy one get one half off deals when I was there. Thanks for putting up with my Michaels wonderings Liz and especially Ems. Love ya!

IMG_0721.1Oh! Hello there little unicorns! Aren’t those unicorn horns just darling?! My friend Liz and I made them! It was pretty simple. I bought a 6 pack of small styrofoam cones at Michaels, then Liz glued felt around them. We glued on gold cording and dollar store gems. Then stuck a bun hair pin over the headband into the styrofoam and glued a circle of felt on top of that. Boom!


Awwwwwwww. Speaking of Liz… She is incredible. She was over helping me with my party shenanigans every night leading up to the party. Staying till the wee hours of the morning to get things done. Unicorn horns… cupcakes, cake-pops… last minute shopping trips, the Michaels haul, dinner prep… Oh! And making sure that I got my exercise points in! Hugest help ever! Wouldn’t have been able to pull it off without her… it would have been a procrastination gong show! THANKS girl!

Man, it’s fabulous to have amazing friends! Here’s another doll face!
hannah and brittany

The Brittany Lowry everyone. This girl is awesome. Sups talented and wow. Just look at us back in our tan glory days, eh? Ha! Brittany is one of my photography heroes. She is incredibly talented and has a unique eye and attention to detail. She came to the party to take pictures for me.. so major props to her for the pictures on this post!

On to the main event!!! The birthday girls! My FOUR-YEAR-OLDS! AHHHHH!!!!!!!
No, you’re not seeing things! That’s a unicorn! 😉 … Big thanks to the awesome family that let us borrow “Minnie.” And a gargantuan thanks to the hubs for everything involved with “catching” this unicorn and bringing her to the party. And to Rod and Kaselle for letting borrow their horse trailer.IMG_0608.1
 The darlings. Oh how I adore these two girlies. They were in love with this tiny horse.


I think the party girls had a fun time 😉 Unicorn rides, party games, yummy treats!

Later that evening our families and a couple friends joined us for dinner and cake and chit-chat.




Highlights from being 3:
Horse Craze
My Little Pony Everything
Summer Theatre Friends, Especially “Karzan”, What’s The Password, and Twilight
B.C. Trip
Princess Penelope and CO.
Ballet and Gymnastics
Skoinkers and Waterfall-Braids


I wonder what they wished for 🙂


Our little fam-jam. Oh Fay and Eden, we never knew a love so pure. Happy birthday my darlings.

Eden’s Dress: Old Navy
Fay’s Dress: Old Navy
Boots: Boots: (similar)


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