Twin Essentials!

I often get asked, “What do you need when you’re having twins?”
And oh man! Did I ever ask that question too.

So this is a gathering place of all things necessary, in my opinion, to make life with new born twins doable. 😉

Pre-pregnancy and during pregnancy:
-TAKE your PRENATAL VITAMINS! I was a stickler on this. I started taking them months before we tried getting preggers.
-PRAY! We are spiritual people and we did our best to be as faithful as possible. We were very specific in our prayers and we prayed daily.
-Be active! I worked as a secretary in a medical clinic a month before my induction date. I sat on a pink aerobics ball instead of an office chair. People thought I was crazy. Maybe I was. I also taught a few ballet classes a month before my induction date too. Ha… I was huge. SERIOUSLY!
***disclaimer!!! I was very healthy during my pregnancy, and under my doctor’s OK, I was able to continue in these activities.
-WATER! Drink it. Lots of it. This goes for post-pregnancy as well. I used a CAMELBAK water bottle during my pregnancy. I found that I could drank more water when I was sipping from a straw rather than gulping. Currently, I LOVE this water bottle, it’s so easy to clean.
-Apples. I think I ate an apple every day of my pregnancy. Often times two. Usually accompanied by peanut butter.

Recliner. You NEED a recliner. A big fat, fluffy recliner that rocks and has big arms. I seriously hate the look of recliners. They’re oversized and ugly. I really wanted a glider… but I have never been more grateful for a piece of furniture in my life! I lived on our recliner that my parents let us borrow. LIVED on it. I was lucky enough to be able to breastfeed exclusively… one spends a lot of time nursing twins. So… get a rocking recliner!
-Car seats…duh
Nursing pillow. Arms get tired from cradling baby while nursing. Believe me. This thing is a heaven sent!
-Stroller. Cha-ching, cha-ching ba-bling, ba-bling. We bought a tandem double stroller off of kijiji. Um… I hated that tandem stroller. I felt like I was pushing a train around the world. There are tons of super cool strollers out there so choose your fancy. Invest in something awesome like this bugaboo stroller. These are customizable for every stage. Make sure you find one that your carseat can clip into. Lifesaver! When they’re a little older and can support them selves make sure that you have a double umbrella stroller to keep in the car. And then you’re definitely going to want a double jogger with rubber wheels like a bike. Make sure you can collapse it easily and stuff.
-Obviously you’ll want to stock up on clothing of all sizes, lots of onesies and diapers and wipes and blankets and burp cloths. Baby showers are great for that! 🙂 But you must get some of these Aden + Anais swaddling blankets! You can often find them at Chapters and sometimes at Winners.
-mini cribs. Depending on your space situation, you may want to opt for mini cribs! We had these when we lived in the Caribbean and loved them 🙂 There are some pretty cool options out there for mini cribs. I love these coloured ones and these gorgeous round ones.
bouncy chairs. You’ll want two of these. This is what I put my babies in when I finally decided that it I could shower even though Josh was at work. I kept the bathroom door open and put Fay and Eden just outside the door in their little bouncers. They often went in these bouncers. Must have.
Swing. We had one. I think you can get away with just having one. These are fabulous.

Now when people ask you what you need for your baby shower, you will know 🙂


-A GOOD nursing bra that fits YOU! I am convinced that I had no friends during my nursing days… which were many. I friend lent me a nursing bra… a friend much smaller than I. I’m going to be blunt here… my boobs were to my knees. Yup. I said it. I lost a ton of weight post pregnancy… so much so that I wound up in the hospital. I was well endowed in the milk department but very thin everywhere else. So… It was obvious that they were hanging low and in need of much more support than what they were getting. I look back at pictures now and wonder where in the world were my trusted friends to take me bra shopping. GAH! … I actually have amazing friends and I’ve given most of them a stern talking to. So… Grab one of your besties and go bra shopping (once you’re in the swing of nursing so you know what you’re size is) 😉

What are/were your favourite twinsentials? Contact us!