Ok. The hiatus is over… hopefully. Two plus months is a long time to go without a new post… at least for me. BUT… you know how it goes.. sometimes you just get in a lull and don’t know what to blog about… PLUS it was Christmas time!

So about that lull… I put it out there to the Instagram story world… I asked, you delivered. My good pal, Chelan said, “I want to know what everyday life looks like for you with 3 darling kiddos!!”

I think I was secretly hoping that no-one would ask that… I mean, Yes, my 3 kiddos are rather darling (if I do say so myself) But… I’m suffering from PHPCPFTD right now. (Post Holiday Post Christmas Post Family Time Denial) I think it’s a real thing. The sufferer has symptoms such as… laziness, binge-eating, frump-wearing, and netflixing. The sufferer also has no desire to take down Christmas decor, nor do they enjoy the empty pit of nothingness which was once filled with Christmas goodies and cheer, familial laughter, and excitement for the new year. Nope. Now the sufferer is just a lazy pile of bones, wallowing in self-pity, wishing time would SLOW THE HECK DOWN.

Wow. I actually feel a little better now that I got that all off my chest! So maybe you can understand a little why I didn’t want to share what my everyday life looks like because for the past X amount of days I’ve had quite the case of PHPCPFTD. You might be rolling your eyes thinking “Get a GRIP lady!” right now but alas… here’s what it’s been like:

Let’s say that a typical day starts at 7am when my husband’s alarm goes off. Leo is usually awake at this time. Josh so graciously takes Leo out and keeps him busy while I sleep until… x? He’s seriously amazing, my Joshy. So Josh get’s the girls ready for school, fed for school, lunches made for school, planners signed for school, and then TO school. Like… he does their hair and everything. Ya. Drooling yet? Haha… Then he goes to study and it’s just Leo and me. Sometimes we sleep for a bit, sometimes we get up right away. You know, I’ll just go ahead and tell you right here right now that my day-to-day attire these days is probably worse than an outfit from that show What Not to Wear. Braless is never a good idea… sweatpants, baggy shirts, the works. Ya. For real.

Hanging out with Leo is pretty fun. He’s a pretty fantastic baby. I could go on and on about his smiley-ness… and his giggles! GAH! That newborn stage goes by WAY too fast. Leo and I typically just hang out at the house… a little Netflix, a lot of nursing… playtime.. baby talk… naps… you know. Perhaps a little laundry action here and there. Nothing too glamorous. I’m currently watching some Downton Abbey, so let me tell you… the glamour is REAL on that show. It got me into a bit of a funk thinking about how unglamorous my life seems. I feel like I really don’t do a whole lot these days… and it’s true. I really don’t. That can send ya for a tailspin pretty quick, but I always remember this quote, “The most important of the Lord’s work that you will ever do will be the work you do within the walls of your own home.”—President Harold B. Lee. I always feel a little better after thinking about that.

Anyways, Josh picks the girls up from school. I’m trying to be better with my “welcome home” ritual. I try to remember to FIRST ask them about their day and then listen intently before asking them to get their homework out. So we chat for a bit, and then it’s homework time. If there are extracurricular activities Josh will typically do the running around and we might try to squeeze a show in while the girls are out. Leo takes another quick nap at 5:00-ish. Fay and Eden usually set the table and then we eat dinner together. Then, just like that, it’s “jammies and brush your teeth” time. Scriptures, prayer and tucked in, away they go to dreamland. Leo goes to bed next, usually after his bath. Then Josh and I will hit up Netflix and head to bed when we’re tired enough. Leo wakes up between 12:00am and 1:00am to be nursed… then again between 3:00am-4:00am. Lately though, it’s been about every two hours… so maybe it’s because he’s a little under the weather or maybe he’s having another growth spurt. In any case, I’m a bit of a zombie. But I wouldn’t trade it 🙂

TADA. That’s currently what a day in the life looks like these days.

The girls are so fantastic with Leo! One of their my favorite duties for them is called Bomb Squad. Upon completion of me changing Leo’s diaper, I’ll call out, “Bomb Squad!!!” One or both of the girls will come running, pick up “bomb” and dispose of it. On Sunday morning, I was amused to find the girls playing a game of their own creation. They had made targets and taped them to the wall and were shooting elastics at them. When they needed to collect their flung elastics they hopped on a pillow and scooted across the floor their boat and sailed across the lava. I called for the Bomb Squad. “Give us a mitten mate!” Fay called out in a British accent! No doubt she said “a minute”. I love it when they speak in British accents. Hilarious.

I left my camera out on the counter this week so that we could quickly snap some day-to-day shots.

Weekends add a nice little “Hey, let’s toss things up a bit” to our week. This weekend included a date night for Josh and me (wahoo!), a birthday party for the girls, and some renos at home. I really like Sundays. It’s a day I know I’ll be getting dressed up. Church worship, then dinner at my parent’s house.

Shine on folks. Shine on.


The Twinnerpated Mom

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