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It’s almost here!!!!! We have been anxiously anticipating the new Cinderella movie!!! I can’t count how many times I’ve watched the trailer for it. And… I cry every time. I cry in just about every Disney movie. Like at the end of Tangled (SPOILER ALERT) (if you haven’t seen Tangled yet… I don’t know what you’re doing with your time… go WATCH IT NOW! .. well… finish reading this post first 😉 ) Yes, I cry at the end of Tangled when the guard goes in to where the king and queen are and he just nods his head… they head nod someone would give you if your long lost child had finally been found. Sigh.

CINDERELLA! OH.MY! The show opens tomorrow and our tickets have been purchased for days! It’s a big deal. A BIG deal. Josh can hardly wait! Right babe? 😉 Fay and Eden are so excited to dress up in their new Cinderella gowns to see the show!

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Every Cinderella needs the perfect pair of glass slippers! (Glass shoes? … ha.. haha)

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How about those gowns!?!?! Are you in love? Or are you in love? We were so excited to get together with the ever-so-talented and sweet Miranda of Miranda’s Originals. I’ve been fortunate to know Miranda since I was very young. She is a sister to me. In high school Miranda made my friends and I Disney Princess costumes for our Sadie Hawkins Dance. She really is an incredible seamstress! After showing her pictures of the new Cinderella gown and taking a few measurements, she got to work! She designed and sewed these little beauties. And we could NOT be happier with how they turned out. The poofiness is sublime… the butterfly detailing?…so sweet…the tie-back back?… excellent for growing girls! Fay and Eden are in princess heaven- wearing them every day since we brought them home. I was so excited to learn that Miranda is offering sewing lessons! How fun would it be to learn how to make such beautiful things on my own!


Notice they’re holding the reigns.

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TID BIT! Did you know that the classic Cinderella Castle drew its inspiration from Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany? … Looky here! Some of my past choir buddies will appreciate this… 🙂

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Special thanks to Disney and Cinderella for the inspiration to do this post, of course to Miranda’s Originals for the breathtaking gowns, Auntie Emma for the beautiful hair-do’s and assistance, Kels for the fabulous idea of using a carraige, Papa for hauling around the Carriage, Ruby, Merlin, Marisa and Jordan for their help and use of the carriage, and to Alonna from the Carriage House Theatre for pointing me in the right direction.


Cinderella shoes

Cinderella gowns

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