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SO… World! Meet my world! It’s Valentine’s Day! Can you feel the LOVE!?

First off… A couple things I love about Fay and Eden…

Miss Fay. Every once in a while, Fay will get hysterically excited about something and her laugh in that moment is absolutely to die for. Her favourite color is pink, her current favourite foods are sunflower seeds and seashells. Not actual seashells, silly- those macaroni things shaped as seashells.

Fay collage

Eden bean. Eden bean is very sensitive and is very much a daddy’s girl- which I find insanely adorable. Her favourite color depends on the day… I think it is pink right now though. Yes, it’s definitely pink at the moment. Her current favourite foods are chocolate chips and apples.

Eden collage

Both of these girlies are crazy about animals… HORSES in particular! This is their new pet cat! Princess Penelope. Aka, Penny, Pen and Princess Flowers. These girls are quite the chatter boxes and are very entertaining.


Now… as sweet as these two little dollies are… don’t be fooled! They are fierce! And sassy! And like most little girls their age… they have attitude.. or as my hubby’s friend Alex once called it… Hannahtude. Thanks a lot Alex;)


Do you believe me now? Look at that hand-on-hip action. Scary. I thought i did a mighty fine job at capturing some of that sass. Sigh. Yup! Gotta love’em!

We thought it appropriate to share a few things that we love with you on this Valentine’s Day.

NUMERO UNO- Washi Tape

If you have not got on the band wagon of wash-tape-lovin’ then NOW is your time! Washi tape is a decorative paper tape that’s possibilities are endless! A few of my favourite ways to use washi tape include card making, labeling, and using it for gift-wrapping/postage. Fay and Eden’s favourite way to use washi is to put a piece over their toy horses’ backs to use as a saddle. My favourite place to get my washi tape is from willow & washi. Check out their etsy shop!(WILLOW&WASHI) You’ll die. It’s heavenly. I follow @willowwashi on instagram and they posted the cutest (AND SIMPLEST) little heart banner, perfect for heart-day! So we whipped one up to use in our backdrop… it seriously took no time at all.


T-W-O (what a fabulous number) – FLORAL print leggings! (insert heart-eyed emoji here!)

Seriously. Leggings. Some people submit that leggings are not pants. If you wear see-through leggings then we have a problem and you’re wearing tights.. not leggings. … I submit that I love leggings and therefore they are pants. Let’s agree to disagree… but seriously… they’re pants.. kids where ’em, adults where ’em.. and for heaven’s sakes! My Grandma (most stylish and former French model…) WEAR’S THEM!!! 🙂

The comfort is real friends. Partake. Anyways… 🙂 Here they are in their adorable floral print leggings. Such a staple. And the possibilities for outfits are pretty much endless with all those colors! Mmmmm! Seriously! The possibilities are running through my mind and I feel the need to go shopping. GAH!


#3- CREAM.

Not only do we love ice cream, whipped cream poured into honey-nut cheerios (Right, mom, Em and Ally G.) and whipped cream from the can (Fay, Eden and I are guilty of finishing off that can of whipping cream in the fridge…sorry, babe) and all things whipping cream, really. .. But for real… cream is probably my favorite neutral color at the moment. It compliments the skin so nicely! I love these two adorable, cream tops.


Look at the detailing! There’s just something so awesome about having some texture to your clothing. It makes it so interesting. SOooooOOOooooooOOO pretty! I love it when little girls wear pretty clothes. I love to wear pretty clothes! I love it when my husband wears pretty clothes. JUST KIDDING… had to make sure you were paying attention. Manly clothes are great, babe…. Satisfaction. Their outfits, complete with those cute, tan boots are from Old Navy. It’s one of our go-to places… you’ll learn that soon. Ha ha. But really, Old Navy (Brittany S… You know how I’m pronouncing that right now, right) is affordable and stylish and they always have sales. This one time we went there and saved more than we spent! Gotta love it. LOVE. Love day! On to more loveliness!

FOOOOOUUUUURRRRR (a little golf action for my male readers… and Four… that darling male lead character in the Divergent series! Mmmmmm…. Four) – Accessories

Let’s have a little chat about accessories. They’re darling. They add MILES to any outfit… and let’s face it, ladies… and gentlemen face it for your lady… they’re essential. I need to remember that! – That, my friends, is some sound advice. Accessorize yourself! I’ve been eyeing this company’s little hand-made bracelets for some time now and a bout a month ago I finally got a couple for Fay and Eden! La La Lace! These darling bracelets are handmade, adorable, unique, soft (aka comfortable), and they’re washable! It’s fabulous! Perfect at every stage! Newborn-Adult! La La Lace has adult sizes too! Go show her some love at her darling little etsy shop!  Lalalace Etsy Shop. Or for an array of options check out her Facebook page.

lalalace pic

That’s all for now folks! Thanks for stopping by! Come back soon for some more twinnerpated action!


What they’re wearing:

Cream tops (similar)

Floral leggings (similar)

Boots (similar)

Bracelet (LaLaLace)

*Do check the clearance sections of Old Navy 🙂

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