My Little Pony Post

I’m not quite sure where to even begin with this one. But what the hay. My Little Ponies (MLP) were the first collectible toys that we got for Fay and Eden. Before I launched my blog, nearly 3 years ago, I wanted to tell everypony about Fay and Eden’s love for these darling little four-legged creatures. For Christmas, a few years ago, I asked my friend, Scott Dewey if he’d paint a picture of my daughters on a pony. I love this keepsake! I have loved watching my girls play with their ponies. And (guilty) I’ve loved watching the cartoons with them! Have you ever seen an episode??? They’re so darling! They’re all about friendship! And they have hilarious little pony puns and the names of neighboring towns are hilarious… example: Manehatten and Phillydelphia.

I will now introduce you to the starting line-up. The mane main characters are Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends Pinky Pie, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash. Other characters that I can recall are, Princess Celestia, Spike (Twilight Sparkle’s little dragon sidekick), Princess Luna, Prince Shining Armor, Granny Apple, Sweetie-Belle, Big Macintosh and, of course, the Cutie-Mark Crusaders.

Fay and Eden’s favorite Pony is Twilight Sparkle. Mine is probably Fluttershy… But if I were a pony people would probably label me as Pinky Pie.

My high school “Brat Pack” friends don’t know this, but I’ve designated ponies to them so kudos to them if they’re reading this. It may interest some of you that we, (The Brat Pack) designated ourselves each a Spice Girl. We may, or may not, have TWO Spice Girl music videos that we made floating around on Facebook somewhere. Is it embarrassing? Extremely. Can we laugh about it? … Sometimes. Side note… We may have called ourselves the Brat Pack, however, not because we were bratty. At least I sincerely hope that we were not. For your fleeting pleasure, I will share with you the following information:

Beebs = Twilight Sparkle + Scary Spice
Cas = Applejack + Ginger Spice
Brandi = Rarity + Baby Spice
Steph = Fluttershy + Victoria, Posh Spice
Hannah = Pinkie Pie + Sporty Spice… which has absolutely nothing to do with me. I was not, nor have I ever been Sporty. One could say I got the leftover Spice. I’m not bitter.

To you stallions who are reading I ask, have you ever heard of Bro-nies? Bro-nies are dudes that like MLP. There are Lord of the Ring MLP episodes out there (you’ve got to watch Pinky Pie’s “My precious” scene at 5:24)! And Harry Potter, and Jurrasic Park, and Pokemon and Starwars.

I definitely waited too long to do this post. Last week we boxed up Fay and Eden’s My Little Pony toys. It was SO SAD FOR ME! It was almost more sad than sorting through all the clothes they’ve outgrown. I had to ask the girls to play with their ponies for me one last time. Cry.Me.A.River. (How about that half-time show eh?) So, below are some photos from that day: pony play, fort building, kitchen renos, kitchen dancing, the works.

I’m grateful for the five years we’ve been entertained by the ponies.
‘Til we meet again.
Xoxo – The Twinnerpated Mom

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