Mom Fails

Howdy. It’s currently 10:43 on a Friday night. The kiddos are in bed, the neighbours are having a bonfire, and I’ve been editing photos. I got thinking about my day and decided hey… why not share this weeks epic mom fails. It started Monday I guess. We went on a super hike with some great friends. 

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The Little Chicks are Six

Six years old. I think the whole age and growing thing will always tug at my heart strings. I’ve loved every stage and every age, but I sure wish they lasted longer. Blah blah blah, sappy mom post #sorry #notsorry The inevitable did happen. They did have another birthday. My favourite part about their birthday 

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The Chaos That Reigns

Writing a blogpost this morning was not on my mile-high list of things to do today.  Priorities? I juggle them. And… I can’t juggle. There. Case in point. Intrigued yet? Last night whilst making dinner I was pondering something that I had heard recently. A man was talking about some clues to leading a healthy 

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