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Happy Valentine’s Day to my lovely readers! And happy THREE YEAR Blogiversary to us! I love taking “scrolls” through memory lane. AKA, looking through past blog posts.

For our blogiversary this year, I have decided to tweek the name of the blog to Twinnerpated &CO. I trust the reasoning for the “&CO” is self-explanatory. Fay and Eden have been so adorable with their little brother Leo, whom, by the way, is almost six months old. SAY WHAT?!?!

To celebrate, I ordered custom sugar cookies from the oh, so talented Breanne of Baked by Bre.

In honor of all things lovey, here is a true story from last night.

The Extra Spoon

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who told a fib. Her mom asked the little girl if she was indeed fibbing. The little girl continued to fib. The mom regretfully informed the little girl that she would not get to partake of dessert. The little girl was sad and went to sulk in her fort. Though the little girl’s mom was sad about her little girl missing out on dessert, she felt that she could not go back from saying no and hoped that this would be a valuable lesson for the little girl to learn. The little girl’s twin sister was able to have dessert. While the mom was scooping up dessert for the little girl’s twin sister, the mom saw her sneaking an extra spoon out of the cutlery drawer. Knowing what the little girl’s twin sister was up to, the mom added an extra scoop of dessert into the little girl’s twin sister’s bowl. The mom’s heart grew even bigger. The end.

Here’s a good look at my biggest heartthrobs.

Happy love day! Xoxo The Twinnerpated & Company Mom!

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