Further Ado…

BLOG LAUNCH DAY!!! Say what?!?! Well. Today is the day and I couldn’t be more excited. Like seriously. I just can’t even. (I didn’t just say that) (let’s pretend) … ANYWAYS!!!!

Let’s get this thing rolling! … Intros

Hi. I’m Hannah. (Hello Hannah) …(I was going to put a link to the ” ‘Ello Bruce” clip from finding Nemo but… just in case my good friend with the legit shark-phobia is reading this…. I decided I’d better not. Love you Gen!) It has been one-thousand, three-hundred, and eighty-eight days since the birth of my little twinnsies. Woah. That sounds so much longer than just saying “just shy of 4 years…” So… 1388 days of twinnerpation! … and all the other crazy emotions and experiences that come with parenting 😉  So yes! I’m the lucky mom of twin girls! I’m into photography, dance, polka-dots, and T.V. series. I’m not into odd numbers or playing in the dirt :S I LOVE my little fam-jam!



Photo by the amazing Brittany Lowry. http://brittanylowry.com


As it takes two to tango (That is what the kids are calling it these days, right?)…..Meet Josh, the baby daddy! Husband extraordinaire, and best.daddy.ever. I could seriously write an entire blog dedicated to this man. I’d probably title it, “Mr.Shnookums” or something similarly embarrassing 😉 Our love story started in high school and will go on for ever. We’ve been married for two-thousand, one-hundred and forty days. (5 years, 10 months and 8 days.) I just love Siri. “Siri, how long have I been married?”)….Josh is the hardest working person I’ve ever met. The girls and I are his hobby, and he likes steak.





Now… for the main event!!!…….


Meet Fay and Eden. My lovey-goose girls, my little chicken-nuggets, my little twiddles, my squeeker and my squawker.

I won’t spill all the beans in the first post. You’ll get to know my little sweeties post by post. But one thing is for sure… these little angels are my world. MY WORLD. Mmmm. I just love ’em!!!!!!!!!

The inspiration to start this blog came from my brother, James. He has been so very extremely helpful and gracious with me as together, he and I set up this blog for your viewing pleasure.

I never in a million years thought that I would have twins. Sure twins run on all branches of our family tree, but I thought it was a super rare thing and it really just didn’t ever cross my mind.

When the ultrasound technician turned to us and stated, “There’s two in there.” … With furled eyebrows we looked at her and said, “What?”

“There’s two in there. You’re having twins!”

What was our reaction, you might ask… A little word called shock-citement. It’s quite a shocking and exciting feeling finding out that what you thought would be your first born will actually be your first AND second born.

My second concern, the first being possible risks associated with multiple births, was that I always dreamed of snuggling that first little baby and giving it all my love and attention. How was I supposed to divide all that up by TWO? … well my friends, I didn’t have to divide it. It got multiplied. Multi-freaking-plied. (Sorry about the F-word, Mom.)

Being a parent kind of signs you up for the unspoken club of parenthood, and being a parent of somewhat unique offspring (magically ginger babies *I’m a ginger- spoken with love, fellow gingers* super genius babies, magician babies… you know) gets you into another club. I was signed up for the twin girl parent club. Now when I see fellow twin parent club members, I just smile. I know what you’re going through. You know what I’m going through. We just bonded. Hurray. Fellow twin parent.

Whether you’re a fellow twin parent, or parent, or friend, or admirer, or Elvis Presley (I know you are still out there somewhere are are certainly reading this right now 😉 ) I hope you enjoy following this blog showcasing Fay and Eden, our lifestyle and my wanna-be* fashion sense.  It is a good day if these girls aren’t running around the house in their My Little Pony ginch!

*I’m not exactly a fashionista, so the term “wanna-be” I think is probably appropriate, here.