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January. A new year. A new page. A blank canvas. Kind of like the color white, which we’re wearing for the post today!

I was reflecting on the feelings I had on New Year’s Eve this year. We were in Utah with family, all the adults stayed up to play games and eat yumminess. When the clock drew nearer to midnight we poured some bubbly sparkling apple juice and gathered in. The anticipation in the air was almost tangible. I kissed my Joshy, we all cheers-ed one another, tried to sing that age-old song, Old lang sign… Old yang sign… Auld Lang Syne, thank you google. I found myself recapping 2017 in my mind and thinking about what I wanted to focus on for the new year ahead. I didn’t pin anything down specifically that night. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been inspired by the many posts I’ve read of friends choosing a word to focus on rather than a specific goal. It was surprisingly easy choosing a word for myself. The word I’ve chosen is “intentional.”


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This year (and every year, really) I want to live my life with intention. Intentional parenting, intentional eating, intentional time-spending, intentional dates. The list goes on, and so it should.

I love the little blogging series we do with our friends. They are so fun to chat with and plan with. White, is How We Wore It this month. Signifying the fresh start of a new year.

The following are the images you get when you’ve procrastinated blog-photo day. I wish there were more hours of daylight in the day so that we didn’t get stuck taking photos in the artificial lights. (BLAH) Anyways… please enjoy our posed, end-of-day-hair, quick shot photos. Yes, I did put lipstick on just for this occasion. You’re welcome?

Oh… this old thing? I wear it a lot. It’s probably one of my favorite T’s. It’s comfy and versatile. I’d say it’s a closet must-have. I’ve paired it with my LuLus and jeans for a casual, everyday look and I’ve worn it with a floral skirt and many other skirts actually, for a more dressy-uppy look. Something I really love about wearing white is the versatility. White goes with everything. Josh really likes it when I wear white. Why is that babe?
So whether it’s plain, stripey, polka-dotted, has a sweet graphic image or some lace or texture. I love white.

This is my… “oh man, that was really funny” pose. Josh thinks it’s more of an, “I really have to pee” pose.

I bought these little cardigan things years ago for the girlies. I bought them way too big so they could wear them for a long time. They’re in a lot of posts… I make them let them wear these a lot.

I LOVE these geometric fox leggings! They were one of my first purchases for Leo when he was still in utero.

The cutest little bandit around <3


Thanks to my Joshy for his help with these photos!
XOXO The Twinnerpated Mom

My shirt – Target (similar)
Fay and Eden’s cardigan – H&M (similar)
Leo’s leggings – China (similar)

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