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I started dancing when I was four. Fay and Eden started dancing when they were two. Love dance much? Yes. Yes we do. And as dancers… there’s one thing we love almost as much as dancing…. sequins. Shiny, light catching sequins. Christmas time is a festive time and with all the extra lighting around why not shine!?! Sequins IS the perfect addition to your holiday outfit. After all… All that glitters is gold!

When Chelan over at Chelanigans contacted me about doing a “How We Wore It” post series with a few other fabulously talented bloggers, I about fell off my rocker. And… with a sequins inspiration theme to boot!


Our inspiration photo was found on… pinterest of course… and it’s from Atlantic-Pacific.

We were encouraged to use what sequins we already had in our closets. PERFECTLY enough, two days prior to learning off the sequins inspo, I had ordered Fay and Eden’s Christmas dresses. That.was.hard. I couldn’t believe how many beautiful choices there were! I wish I could’ve ordered them all! I finally caved and went with my sisters recommendation of, “Just let the girls choose which one they want.”

… so what did they pick? IMG_2341

Of course I showed the girls the “narrowed down” options 😉 … I thought it was interesting that they decided on the same dress as each other.
I ordered these beauties off of amazon. The quality blew be away when I opened the package! I’m pretty sure that these were made to order… they had a fabric tag with hand writing in ink on them. LOVE!  AND they arrived quickly…5 days from ordered to delivered! The perfect holiday party dress for little girls who love to dance and twirl.IMG_2335 IMG_2315 IMG_2352 IMG_2360 IMG_2366 IMG_2376 IMG_2374 IMG_2317I adore these two darlings. The soft gold is a beautiful tone and the navy satin sash gives a rich punch of color…. and it just so happens to match by navy Christmas dress… 😉

Now… here’s a little surprise for you! … Another set of sisters on the blog today! Say what??? Who could they be I wonder…IMG_2472 IMG_2478 IMG_2475

Emma is my sister. And… I love her. A.Lot. She’s as every bit beautiful on the inside as she is the outside… That outside though… HOT DANG!


This outfit is perfect for a holiday hangout. It’s sweet and sassy. The baseball-tee look keeps the sequins at bay for a more casual event or hangout. Paired with torn up jeans and some cute boots.
IMG_2461 IMG_2454 IMG_2447IMG_2458 IMG_2468


Well… I’m pretty excited to be featured on the blog today too 😉 It was super fun to get together with my vivacious friend Brittany who just so happens to be a photographer as well.


I feel pretty sophisticated in this outfit. Black is pretty classy and the sequins brings a little GLAM to the outfit. … Don’t forget that “red-lip classic thing that you love like.” IMG_2390 IMG_2414

Blazers just scream “BUSINESS” … do they not?

IMG_2407Can we just take a moment to admire those ankle booties!?! When I tried those on a few months ago it was like Cinderella all over again. #perfectfit #iftheshoefits IMG_2423 IMG_2432

You have GOT to check out what my beautiful friends wore in response to the sequins inspiration!
Chelan over at Chelanigans
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IMG_2495 IMG_2500

Thanks for watching us shine.

Fay and Eden’s dresses: Thstylee (Amazon)
Fay and Eden’s boots: Old Navy (similar)
Emma’s sweater: Target (similar)
Emma’s jeans: American Eagle
Emma’s boots: American Eagle (similar) and (similar)
Hannah’s sequin top: Suzy Shier
Hannah’s pants: American Eagle
Hannah’s boots: Coach ON SALE!

  • Gina

    Ok!!! Someone take me shopping and get me a sparkleeeeeee something !!! My too favorite color is sparkles !!! Well done ladies .. WELL DONE

  • Kristin

    Oh those dresses are adorable! I’m actually currently debating buying a thstylee dress off Amazon for flower girl dresses for my 2 little girls! I’m curious what size of clothes they normally wear vs. The dress size?!

  • hannahpfarrell

    Hey Kristin 🙂 They fit true to size 🙂

  • Susan

    Hi, Hannah! Susan from Disneyland here. 🙂 Your blog is absolutely fabulous! And your girls? GORGEOUS! Are you sure they aren’t identical? Lol 😉 They do look awfully alike. I’ve read through most of your posts and have enjoyed every single one of them. The pictures are amazing. You have such an adorable family. Am I being presumptuous in thinking we are not only twin moms but LDS twin moms too?

  • hannahpfarrell

    Susan!!! I’m so excited that you found us! How fun! Thanks for looking around! And hey! Not presumptuous at all! You’re totally right! How funny is that!? Hehe looking forward to keeping in touch! You’ll have to do a guest post for me!