Polka-dots. Polka-dots. Polka-dots.

Hello ๐Ÿ™‚ We have been enjoying some beautifully warm winter days, which is rather unusual in our neck of the woods. It’s been fabulous! It makes the winter a little more bearable. It’s like eating a plate full of broccoli and then suddenly there’s an M&M! Or two! Or seven! Speaking of broccoli…Fay and especially Eden, LOVE broccoli. Thank goodness!

We went out to my parents’ farm to enjoy the weather and company. The girls love going out there… especially in the spring when the horses finally get to come home from being out in the pasture all winter. .. So we have a couple/few more months to wait for them to get back.


The neighbor’s dog comes over to play a lot. His name is Hunter and we love him. We want him. Sigh.


We love POLKA-DOTS. Yes we do. We love polka-dots, how ’bout you? (Sorry… couldn’t resist that little jingle) Polka-dots are a fresh, fun and classic pattern. You can dress them up, you can dress them down, and you can mix them with other patterns. All things polka-dot are fabulous. Simply fabulous. So naturally… I dress my children in polka-dots.

Little Miss Fay


Miss Eden Bean


Aren’t those sweet collages? I found the template on the Simple As That Blog.

We had a brief conversation about polka-dots.. it went like this:

“Hey girls! How do you feel about polka-dots?”

“Um… good…” Fay

“Why do you like polka-dots?”

“Because we love them.” Eden

“What do you love the most about polka-dots?”

“Colouring them and playing dot-to-dot.” Fay

How true! Good answers ladies! Not only can you wear polka-dots… but you can play with them! Have you ever played Twister?

Eden and Fay

… and what’s this?

kate and dolce

First of all… let me just take a moment to thank my daughters and my trip-pod for taking the photos on the right for me. I’m pretty impressed. FYI Eden took the photo on the top right and Fay took the one on the bottom right. Well done children, well done! Well…. my babe knows me oh.so.well. He got me this darling KATE SPADE 2015 planner for Christmas. It’s amazing. I love Kate Spade stuff! And… last month I got glasses to assist my eyes while I’m editing at the computer. I easily tried on 100 frames… these polka-dot, Dolce & Gabanna frames won my heart.

But OVERALL…..(See what I did there?)


Overalls. Classic. I think every baby/tot has owned a pair or two. Them Osh Kosh classics. I’m going to say something really profound here folks… brace yourselves. Here goes… Classics should be closet staples. There. I said it. But it’s true right? And the jolly good thing about our classic staples is that we can build off them to suit our own personal styles. Overalls, my friends. They’re irresistible.



What we’re wearing … and stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

polka-dot shirt, Targetย HERE

overalls, Gap (similar)

polka-dot Kate Spade planner HERE

polka-dot glasses, Dolce & Gabbana (Super Similar)

If you don’t wear eye glasses, these polka-dot, Dolce & Gabanna sunglasses are darling! HERE