When Skies Are Grey

The “sky” in our house is grey when Josh goes back to work for two weeks at a time. I feel it. Josh feels it. But most of all, the girls feel it. It’s especially stormy for them the first few days after Josh leaves and in the last few days anticipating his arrival back home. The storminess includes but is not limited to: whining whirlwinds, meltdown monsoons, hysterical hurricanes, and sombre showers. It’s difficult for me to function fully when the sun isn’t shining… we all love the sun right? So when it’s overcast in my house for those few days, I tend to sit back and wait out the storm in the rain instead of finding my blasted umbrella and pop the dang thing open. Apparently a sever thunderstorm was issued in my house last weekend. 😐 I could not wait until bed time! I finally got Fay and Eden into their beds… and boy, oh boy (that should read girl, oh girl) was it a struggle that night. I laid them down and Eden popped up and asked me a question about her bed and then said “Daddy built my bed!”

The three of us then carried on a sweet and tender conversation for a good five minutes.

“I’ll get daddy’s tool purse.” -Fay

“I’ll give him the little micro-bots.” -Eden (Can you tell they’ve been watching Big Hero 6 multiple times a day?)

“The screws?” -me

“Ya! Screws are micro-bots mom!”-Eden

“I want sparkly, pink bunkbeds!” -Fay “And sparkly pink that! And this! And that!” She pointed at things around the room.

That was just a glimpse into the convo. What was said was really cute and sweet but more than the words I remember, was the feeling I had. I felt so complete. So happy. So satisfied. And a little guilty for not have making the effort earlier in the day (let alone that weekend) to have helped to create a more positive atmosphere for the girls. I know it’s hard on them when Daddy leaves, so I need to step it up a notch!

So hey! Open up that blasted umbrella and get out of the rain. What are your umbrellas, your happy buttons, your “turn-those-frowns-upside-down” methods? I want to hear about them in the comment section below!

Everyone experiences grey skies… if we didn’t we wouldn’t fully appreciate the moments of sunshine. If we push past the clouds in life there is lots of sun to be had.

DSC_0047b DSC_0037b Untitled-1b DSC_0019b Untitled-2b Untitled-3 DSC_0054b DSC_0032b

So… about this outfit. I bought the grey shirts with the adorable collars last summer at Gap. Unfortunately they’re long gone but I linked to something similar below. I’ve struggled with the shirts for a while now. The girls have only worn them a handful of times. I could not, for the life of me, think of what to put this with to complete an outfit. I felt like the shirt deserved more than just pairing it with some jeans. Sigh. Anyways! I envisioned them with a pair of coloured skinnies and then I made that happen. Thank you Josh. Thank you Old Navy. And then I really felt like it needed a little more.. so boom. Thank you vest and thank you sweater (which sadly, is long gone). And those boots! Those are long gone too! BUT check out the similar links. Totes adorbs.

Grey Shirt: (similar)

Pink Pants: (Old Navy) Lots of color and pattern choices. The girls are wearing “WHAT A DAHLIA”

Denim Vest: (Old Navy)

Floral Sweatshirt (similar) (similar) (similar)

Boots: (similar)  (These boots make my heart go pitter-patter)