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Hiiiiiiiiii!!!!! We’ve missed you! It’s been a dreadfully long 17 days! Our blog got hacked! RUDE! Everything is put back together and we are just so happy to be BACK and posting today! MAN ALIVE! Get a life stupid hackers! … Rant over… for now.

We celebrated my mom’s birthday a couple weekends ago 🙂 It was a beautiful day so my mom suggested taking Fay and Eden to see the horses that have been out at pasture all winter. It was a sweet, sweet reunion. Fay and Eden LOVE horses so much. They are so calm around them and are so natural riding on them. They could stay on for hours and hours and it still wouldn’t be enough time. Eden almost fell asleep riding Tornado.

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Eden lovin’ on her favourite horse “Tomatoe”… His name is actually Tornado.



Fay chillin’ on Bill’s horse Jenny.


Peppy and Wyatt 🙂



Nana, Fay and Jenny.                                                                                            Uncle Matt, Eden and Tornado


Nana looks gorgeous in this photo, all snuggled in to Tornado. Eden and Fay aren’t too stoked about sharing the horse.


My mom RAVES about her red, Betty Crocker spatula that she got at the dollar store. It’s her best friend in the kitchen and she says that every women needs one of these! When ever we talk about the blog she says that I should do a post about the red spatula. Ha… ha. So for her birthday we gave her a dozen red spatulas. Attached is a little note that says, “If you’re ever in a “scrape” my favourite kitchen tool might come in handy. Love Paige”  hehe. Now she can share her favourite thing with some of her favourite people. SOoooooooo… in fun we’re doing a giveaway for a Betty Crocker, red spatula. Haha… ha!

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1Wind blown hair, without a care in the world. On the back of her horse, her love.

Pink pants, Old Navy

Denim jackets, Old Navy