Hey Chancho…

Hey Chancho…I need to borrow some sweats.


Sweats everyone, not sweets. Let’s just get that established. SwEAts = comfy pants. SwEEts = tasty goodies… which I’m not opposed to borrowing either… just don’t expect to get them back. OK!? After last weeks gorgeous Cinderella-ness we thought we’d take it down a notch or 10. First off… we must thank all of our readers! Thank you for being here are reading these posts! You rock. Pat yourself on the back for me. Secondly! Have you seen the new Cinderella movie yet??? Love!?!


Our easel get’s a ton of usage. This beauty is from IKEA and it’s the most affordable easel I’ve ever seen. I love watching the creativity that unfolds.


Like that picture for instants. I had to share this darling picture that Eden drew a little while ago. Cast your guesses of what you think the picture is in the comments. First person with the correct answer get’s their favourite chocolate bar.

Those darling hair clips are from La La Lace Bracelets! I found the style’n sweatpants at Old Navy. I wanted a pair for me! I still do! I love the zippers! Fay and Eden love wearing their sweats. Like mother like daughters. Cute graphic tees also from Old Navy… and they’re on SALE!


Miss Eden.. This pose on the left was all her. Fancy Pants.


Miss Fay… love her hand-on-hip action!


What would a post be without a little sass?


Twirly whirlies.



Thanks so much for stopping by!

Fay and Eden’s Hair Clips: La La Lace Bracelets
Eden’s Tee: Old Navy
Fay’s Tee: Old Navy
Grey Sweats: Old Navy
WANT! Adult Sweats: Top Shop
Easel: IKEA