Backpacks on… Shoes tied tight.

It happened.  The very first of the First Day of School escapades… has happened. Fay and Eden have entered in to their scholastic future. Was I a wreck? Ummmmm. We’ll address that later.

Putting the girls in preschool wasn’t something on my radar. I didn’t go to preschool so I thought this would be a “like mother, like daughter” situation. This summer at swimming lessons, fellow pool-side moms asked me if I’d registered my girls yet. I hadn’t. And wasn’t planning to.
A) As before mentioned, it just wasn’t something we thought we were going to do.
B) We had no idea where we would be, come fall.
But then:
1)A fellow mom mentioned that her kindergarten-teaching sister-in-law noticed a huge difference between kids that have had preschool and kids who haven’t.
2) Another fellow mom told me how incredible the preschool teacher is and how great the program is.
3) We were going to be here in the fall. Surprise.

Soooooo. A classic last minute decision from the Farrell family, the twins were enrolled.
Unfortunately for us, all the morning classes were full. So goodbye naps :/ Hello early bed time! So far it’s been a struggle but we’ll see what a little more time and a lot more patience can do.

I will admit… it was very nice to have the entire morning to get ready and organized.

Isn’t this Back to School sign adorable? You can get it here.DSC_0317 DSC_0319
They wanted to wink

DSC_0321 girlies Eden
Eden <3Fay2Fay <3

One of my favourite parts of the day was their tender reaction to a special gift. I gave them each a necklace that has two hearts on it. I told them that one heart was theirs and the other was mine. I told them that I’ll miss them while they’re at school but that I’m always thinking about them in my heart.

DSC_0425 heartsWhen I picked them up from school (yippee!) Fay looked at her necklace and said, “Mom! I felt my necklace… but I couldn’t feel you.”
Smile. I reminded her that she can feel my love in her heart.

DSC_0411 DSC_0415 DSC_0407 DSC_0404 DSC_0329 DSC_0423 DSC_0447

And off we went to drop our babies off at school. I did really well…until we waved one last time through the window and turned away. Then I had a moment. And Josh had a moment too… a moment sneakily filming my moment! The little stinker.
All-in-all it was a good day. They enjoyed their first day. Mrs. Toth told me that she split the girls up for centre time and one of the girls said to the other, “I love you, you know.” Melt me.

Eden’s top: Old Navy
Eden’s leggings: Old Navy (similar)
Fay’s top: Old Navy
Fay’s leggings: Old Navy (similar)
Fay and Eden’s boots: Gap (similar)
Backpacks, I got these in the spring from Pick Your Plum, but also found it on Amazon
Fay’s hair clips: The one and only La La Lace Bracelets! (We just so happen to model on their new shop page!)

  • Chelan

    SO CUTE, Hannah!! I am envious of your photography skills! You’re so good!

  • Auntie Helen

    First Day of K-School – such a milestone in their sweet lives. And they are growing up too fast…..ARGH! I miss you guys….