Hey. If you’re out there… if you’re reading this….

4759535950_3da0ea181e_oThank you so much for reading and scrolling through our blog. As moms do, I feel so incredibly blessed to have these two little dollies in my life. They are so bright and thoughtful and funny… I love sharing their happenings with you.

So we donned our party hats and celebrated!

DSC_0232 DSC_0244“Throw kindness around like confetti.” DSC_0242-2 DSC_0268-2 DSC_0229-2 DSC_0224 DSC_0225


Due to timing and all the love we decided to launch our blog on Valentine’s Day last year. This year we made some arrows and played Cupid. We captured quite the array of emotion… Fay enjoyed it… Eden wasn’t especially enthusiastic about it.

DSC_0193-3Look at that little determined face!

DSC_0206-2“…and I pray that love finds you, and you find love. That it pierces your heart and stays there forever.” A cupid’s prayer.

DSC_0167-2“She was afraid to find love. She was afraid of being hurt again.”

DSC_0180“You are my sister. I’ll protect you. I love you.”

DSC_0219Thanks for scrolling! Here’s to another year of love, fun, and excitement!

Party hats: Lalalace bracelets