How We Wore It | Looks of Love

Happy Love Month y’all! Y’all?…. Oy.

How can anyone think anything but the best about a month dedicated to PINK love?!

Yesterday I came up with what I think is a brilliant idea. Sprinkles on everything! As I was taking a casual scroll though my pinterest feed I noticed all the Valentine pins popping up everywhere. Have you seen the immaculate things people do with food for Valentines? The decorating… the heart-shaped-everything… I think it’s amazing. BUT I’m either A)Not skilled enough or B)Too lazy. So …. I thought to myself, “Just sprinkle everything with Valentine sprinkles!” … you’re welcome for that festive time saver. You know, this could apply at Halloween and Christmas! Genius!

I’m so lucky to have my two little lovey-goose girls as my Valentine’s each year, all year. They are my little darlings, my star-wars nerds, my My Little Pony lovers, my sweet and my sassy. They keep me busy and they always know just how to cheer me up. It’s magical.

This months “How We Wore It” post is our take on looks of love. Be sure to check out how my beautiful friends styled their outfits! You can find links to their blogs at the bottom of this post. Our inspo post comes from the trendiest sweet-treat on the market these days…



Remember when you were in school and they would have all those fun, themed dress-up days? I recall Valentine’s Day being the “find everything red and pink that you own and put it on” dress-up day. Sick. Red and pink? … Like… together? FAUX-PAS…. Right? WRONG! It CAN be done!¬†Putting these outfits together was too fun… I could.not.resist the matchy-matchy-ness of these dresses. AND they’re houndstooth to boot! As usual, Lalalace Bracelets came through with the cutest accessories! This photoshoot, by the incredible, incredible Brittany Lowry, has become such a treasure to me. She captured the sweet emotion between mother and daughters that I so love, beautifully.



“You may hold my hand for a while, but you hold my heart forever.”

See how my friends wore it:

Brittany Lowry
Jordan Cidelle

Thank you so very much for scrolling. Happy Heart Day.

Fay and Eden’s dresses: (here) purchased from MISH
Fay and Eden’s accessories: Lalalace Bracelets
Fay and Eden’s boots: Old Navy (similar)
My dress: (here) purchased from MISH
My necklace: Claire’s
My shoes: (here)