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Monochrome eh? Isn’t that like… what five-year-old are best at? At least at our house it is. The girls and I have worked out a little arrangement. I get to choose their outfits for school on Tuesdays and Fridays, and they get to choose their outfits the rest of the days… sometimes I assist because I just have to. They’ll don on an all pink outfit or all turquoise outfit, and I try not to cringe. JK. It’s really no biggy – I’m learning. So when my lovely friends brought up “monochrome” for our next post, I new I’d just get to take some everyday pictures without any prep. Easy peasy.

These lovely ladies have been so into colouring lately. They are absolutely loving MY colouring books – and dang! They are talented! Here’s Fay-Fay colouring her fox picture that she’s been working on lately. The girls have big plans to sell their art this summer so… let the bidding war begin! 

We got the girls a little cash register for Christmas because A) They like to play store and …B) They like to do math (my children?) Here’s Miss Eden swiping away… ahhhh that’s more my child. #guilty #inrecovery #orforcedtobe

On an average day when I’m not at work, you’ll find me working on my computer … or perhaps tackling the dishes, like I’ve been trying to keep up with lately. Our dish washer is having some smelly issues #firstworldprobs … It’s not uncommon to find me with a quick side braid or top knot… or wearing yesterdays mascara with a quick new layer on top. To be honest… I did change for these shots. I could’ve done a nice grey sweatpants/sweatshirt monochrome outfit but… I really thought the greasy side braid was a treat enough for ya. Also… It was fun to look and see what I could do with my closet selections other than an all black outfit again. Pardon my un-ironed shirt and thank heavens you can’t see the spaghetti sauce splashes on my jeans.

I love reading the little “send home” books the girls bring home from school. When the little lovelies sound out a word on their own it’s just the darlingest. Eden brought a Clifford book home so we decided to get started on it… and guess who legit called us while my handy tripod and auto timer were taking our photos? .. DADDY! So our impromptu lifestyle shoot turned into a legit lifestyle shoot.

Monochrome… go find all the same coloured stuff in your closet, put it on and voila! Ha.

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