H A P P Y   V A L E N T I N E ‘S   DAY ! … And Happy Two-Year Blogiversary to us!

Welcome to the prequel of probably our most exciting post of the year. Today we are sharing the love… and this surprise with you because… the love just keeps on growing. So… you know, press play and watch the movie below!


Well! There you have it… If you’re reading this and haven’t watched the video above…..

SPOILER ALERT! … haha… you might wanna watch that cute video first. Shout out to one of my absolute besties, Levi Stanford, for putting together the video for us.






… All the spoils coming now:

Our second Caribbean miracle! I found out that I was expecting on December 23rd, 2016. On Christmas Eve, once we were all tucked in, I handed Josh a golden wrapped box. Inside was an Altoid tin. He opened it up and upon seeing the pregnancy test asked, “Wait…Is this for real?”
… my mistake. I should’ve waited ’til the morning! #nosleep

Telling the girls last week was hilarious. They didn’t catch on at first, and then Miss Fay didn’t believe me. Well! It’s true! There’s another Farrell baby due to arrive mid-August. We are thrilled. Fay and Eden pray for the new baby every day. They ask lots of questions and always want to see how big my tummy has grown since the previous day. They put their ear against my tummy and think they can hear the baby clicking. Haha… oh the gurgles of the intestines. They’re convinced that the way you tell a baby’s gender is by the color of it’s eyes. #parentingfail #parentingishard #birdsandthebees Well… I’ve got my work cut out for me there. Thanks so much Nicole, for capturing the moment for us so beautifully. And Amy… I shall never for get our trudging through the snow adventure. WHICH! Totally deserves mention! I designed these shirts for the girls and ordered them. The planned day arrived in which (thanks to technology) Josh and I were going to tell the girls! That morning I needed to go across the line to pick up the shirts! Nicole and Amy came with. Only problem was that the weekend before was the hugest snow storm. We arrived to our destination for pick up only to see that the LONG driveway hadn’t been plowed. WAIST DEEP SNOW. Amy braved through… I followed. We only suffered some minor frostbite and a pulled muscle, right Aims? #worthit

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The Twinnerpated+  Mom