I’m Beginning to See Spots

I love dressing up my family for Halloween! It’s SO fun! This year’s costume idea was inspired by our lovely friends Twyla and Johnny. During our run of Mary Poppins summer of 2015, Johnny and I waited on the same side backstage before preparing to go on. Amongst lipsync every night to Brimstone and Treacle, one night he told me that he thought I’d make a great Cruella DeVil. (Gasp) I furrowed my eyebrows at him in confusion. SO thanks for the inspo Johnny boy! I’m now a fan.

Collaborative posts are some of my absolute favourite. I love incorporating other peoples’ art with mine. I knew that if I wanted the sweetest puppy dog eyes and the fiercest Cruella, I needed Nelette on board. Nelette is a phenomenal human. She is megatalented in many, many areas of life, makeup for sure is one of her specialties. We had such a fun time at her home. I even put up with her music choices. HAHA. She was so fun with the girls too. I’m pretty sure they think she’s the greatest Halloween goddess of all time. She told us that her soul is black, but it’s not. It is 100% gold. Letje… I have no words. Perhaps my smile after seeing the transformation said it all. THANK YOU!

Dallin Klain is an artistic photographer. I’ve known him for many years and have had the pleasure of working on a couple photography adventures with him. We had been trying for quite a while to work on a collab together. We finally did it! High-fives! I knew that Dallin was a great photographer already, but what I was most impressed with was his ability as a photographer during the session! He guided the posing along perfectly and effortlessly. He was amazing with the girls. He made us feel like a million bucks. Thank you Dallin for these amazing and edgy images! And for being the awesomest. #smokebrushesforlife

The puppies. I had a vision in my mind that could not be tampered with. When I couldn’t find dalmatian print fabric anywhere, I got pretty discouraged. Shoutout to Danielle at Marshall’s fabric store! She went above and beyond her call of duty. She suggested I paint spots on faux fur. EVEN BETTER! She then proceeded to explain, reexplain, re-reexplain, and then yet again explain and proceed to walk and talk me through the process of creating what I had envisioned. Thank you so much Danielle!

Hi. I’m Hannah. I’m a procrastinator-aholic. The NIGHT before our scheduled photo shoot for this post I found my sewing machine and got to work.  Thanks again to Danielle, I had a makeshift pattern of how I was going to make these little cape things. OH NO. I didn’t have any pinning pins! Thanks to Facebook I could see which of my friends were online late at night #stalker… so thanks to Megan for rescuing me with pins. Oh ya! I need black paint for the spots… PANIC! … “Hey Megan… do you have any black acrylic paint?” She saved the day night again. Thank you wonderful angel friend. So, I sewed ’em up and spotted ’em up, got a few hours of sleep and whipped up the tulle skirts in the AM.

Cruella. Shazam. Thank you to miracle worker Val and the Carriage House Theatre for the perfect fur coat and to Letje for the black dress.

OK… If you’ve been patient enough to read all of the above you win a million dollars. Just kidding. Evil, I know. Just trying to get into character here. But hey! If you are reading this part… feel free to share, comment, pin… all that fun stuff!



Photographed and edited by Dallin Klain


Photographed by Dallin Klain, edited by Hannah Farrell


Photographed by Dallin Klain, edited by Hannah Farrell


Photographed by Dallin Klain, edited by Hannah Farrell


Photographed and edited by Dallin Klain


Photographed and edited by Dallin Klain


Photographed and edited by Dallin Klain


Photographed and edited by Dallin Klain


Photographed and edited by Hannah Farrell


Photographed by Dallin Klain. Left, edited by Dallin Klain. Right, edited by Hannah Farrell


Photographed by Dallin Klain, edited by Hannah Farrell


Photographed and edited by Dallin Klain


Photographed by Dallin Klain, edited by Hannah Farrell


Photographed and edited by Dallin Klain


Photographed and edited by Dallin Klain

Eek! Shriek! And don’t be too scary… Happy Halloween! Thanks so much for scrolling!

Makeup by Nelette
DK Image

  • Angie

    Absolutely amazing!!! Love love love

  • Twyla & Johnny Wilson

    Ahhhh Hannah! You look SO FIERCE. Thanks for the shoutouts 😉 we’re honoured ❤️ AMAZING