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HOW THE HECK IS IT MID-NOVEMBER ALREADY? … Forgive me. I’m calm now … sort of. I so love doing these posts with my friends and fellow bloggers! They really keep me on track.  We have invited a GUEST BLOGGER to join us for this months post! Fielding Roberts has started a lifestyle blog. He is all things fashion with his impeccable taste and style, and all things incredible with his great personality and outlook on life. Be sure to check out his and all my friends blogs today see how they wore it!

Pretty much every day, I ask Fay and Eden to PLEASE stop growing. They giggle and say that they’re sorry, but they can’t help it. Lame. Along with this time-speediness thing comes growth. With growth comes out-growth. With out-growth comes… belly-shirts! When shirts become belly-shirts it is long past-due for some shopping. Just in time for this months How We Wore It post, I hit up my go-to store! Old Navy. I scourged the girls section and didn’t find that durable, flannel plaid. So I waltzed right on over the boys section and was in plaid heaven. I love the tights-under-shorts look! I think Eden really pulls it off! We also added a bowtie to her collar. HOW CUTE? Tie-the-knot is a super classy look for all types of button-up shirts. Fay is such a little darling. My scarf was a gift last Christmas from my Aunt Karen! Hi Aunty Karen! I love this plaid, oversized, comfy, cozy scarf. It’s perfect for the season! OH! And if you happen to notice that I have a tan (yes i do!)… you can look forward to my upcoming post about my incredible surprise trip to see the Twinnerpated dad in the Caribbean!

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE how my amazing friend Nicole perfectly captured these little rascals and their fun, quirky, sassy personalities.

img_9332 img_9330Eden <3 img_9366 img_9364 img_9360 eden img_9270 Fay<3img_9374 img_9379 img_9386 fay img_9372 img_9367 img_9287 img_9401 img_9399 img_9411 img_9293 img_9389 img_9307 img_9324 img_9317 img_9318 img_9347 img_9350

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What We’re Wearing:
Eden and Fay’s tops: Old Navy

My Scarf:


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