The New Normal

Change is an interesting thing. I’ve always really enjoyed change for the most part. I love to rearrange my furniture, (sorry hubby) I love moving, (sorry hubs) I love fresh starts and new ideas. However… I’m also a creature of habit. I’m still a procrastinator, (sorry hubster) I still struggle with being on time (sorry hub-o, and Fay and Eden’s teachers) #honest … Hmm… I promise I have some good habits too… ha!

There has been a lot of change over here and it’s becoming our new “normal.”

Fay and Eden’s dad returned to the Caribbean to finish med school in May. Circumstances were such that we couldn’t join him there. Having our family physically split has been challenging. There’s so much I could write about the struggles and the emotions… But I’ll save that for my journal. Just know that it is hard but we are fine. God gives us strength and we do what we have to do.

Josh worked on the rigs for a while so that eased us in to his being away so much. Fay and Eden are daddy’s girls to a ‘T’. People often ask if we miss him… (um duh) but perhaps sadder than missing him is that we’ve become used to him being away. The house remains in its semi-chaotic state and the girls depend on me for their every need.  FaceTime calls to daddy aren’t the same as sitting on his knee- but we sure are grateful for technology!

Josh was able to come home for three-and-a-half weeks between semesters. He surprised us a few days early and made it to our play! The girls were ecstatic and were glued to his hip the whole time he was home.img_2879img_2876img_2785The time flew by like a bat out of hell (you’re welcome Meat Loaf fans) Josh left last Monday, Fay and Eden started Kindergarten  on Tuesday -there’s a change for ya! OH! They got hair cuts! Just look at all that change… This whole waking up early to get the girls ready for school thing is kicking my butt. I’ve been living a life of luxury being able to semi-sleep-in whilst the children (whom are trained with the remote) watch shows in the AM. #confessions-of-a-semi-single-mom …Less TV, more learning… that’s better for everyone.
So anyways, here we are for now…
in our new normal.

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Eden’s shirt: Old Navy

Fay’s dress: Old Navy

  • Shannon

    I really understand the fear/sadness about becoming accustomed to being apart. Stan worked away from home for a month(s) at a time for a couple of years. I really feel for you, hon. It is tough for you and your girls. and tough on Josh. I often said that I was the lucky one because I was still in my home, seeing family and surrounded by support. The men who work away from home don’t have those things. They often just dutifully plug away, trying to create a better future, without expressing their fears and oft time deep sadness about the situation. Life is certainly not predictable, nor for the faint of heart. Keep your chin up. <3

  • hannahpfarrell

    Thanks for sharing Shannon. I’m definitely the lucky one. That is a really good point. We are so grateful for Josh’s hard work and sacrifice.