How We Wore It | Nautical

Can you believe summer is here? Really? Can you? You must be having some pretty nice weather. For those sharing my corner of the world… I think summer will arrive sometime this week. Just blow them storm clouds away and perhaps we can finally go boating! Regardless of what’s happening with your summer weather… I want to share THREE of my favourite summer must-haves!
1. Puddle Jumpers. Swimming lifesavers. Lifesavers for swimming. Seriously the best things ever.


2. Eyelash extensions. Yes. These things. You know that saying, “I woke up like this.” ? Well… it stemmed from the first lady to receive eyelash extensions. (I think that’s where it stemmed from 😉 ) Anyways… This is my 4th summer in a row getting these babies. WORTH IT! Camping is now glamorous, swimming does not include makeup running all over my face, I wake up like this: IMG_3811
Well… not quite like that but… You get it right? Thanks to my girls Ariel and Kyla!

3. Sunless tanner. Ok fellow pasties, fellow gingers, fellow lack-of-pigment friends. Have y’all ever considered a sunless tanner? Yes? And it was streaky and orange? Poor you. You know what you need? THIS! ESST125_detail
My friend Mackay is helping me out with a giveaway for a FREE sunless tanner from Rodan + Fields! So check out  @twinnerpated on instagram for the details! ALSO anyone who places an order with her this month will get some sweet discounts!

Hey! Back to weather and boating… Nautical! On to the How We Wore It segment. Stars & Stripes, Knots & Navy… they all scream nautical to me. I had super high hopes of finding someone with a sailboat to shoot these photos but as you can see, that did not workout for us this time. However… we do have one of the best photographers this side of the Mississippi. Hats off to my friend Brittany Lowry IMG_9965 IMG_9967

There are few articles of clothing that legit make me feel beautiful. This gorgeous piece of cloth (AKA the red skirt) is from my mama and it does make me feel beautiful. She picked it up at a thrift store. PROPS, WOMAN! It is the most perfect shade of red I have ever encountered and it’s long and flowy and perfect.IMG_9994 side by side

If you haven’t heard me say this yet… you can hear me now. I love Old Navy. Old Navy… if you’re listening… It’s time you hire us as your official advertisers because… let’s be honest… I think you’re in like 90% of our posts. Fay and Eden have been living in these darling sundresses for x amount of days now. The evidence is in the chocolate milk stains down Eden’s dress. 😀IMG_9984 IMG_9991

Although warmer weather is definitely welcome, we have been enjoying warm fires, warm blankets and warm friends.IMG_2430 IMG_2501Thanks again for scrolling 🙂 IMG_9943

My shirt: Old Navy (similar)
Fay and Eden’s dresses: Old Navy

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