The Spirit Cat

I don’t think that explaining death to young children is something anyone looks forward to or wants to do.

At least that was not on the list of “things to talk to the kiddos about today” yesterday. But… last night it was something we had to do because our precious cat, Penny, aka Princess Penelope, was hit by a car yesterday evening. I was at my parents when Josh called to give me the horrible news. He was outside getting the girls in the car when he saw it happen. Thankfully the girls didn’t see. He said she died instantly, so she didn’t suffer. I lost it. I was never really a cat person… now I’m a bit of a crazy cat lady. Penny was the sweetest, most gentle cat. She was a fabulous mother. She birthed two litters while we had her and was pregnant with a third when she passed. Ok… Yes, she was a bit of a floozy but we loved her anyways. She loved to snuggle and she was incredibly patient incredible with Fay and Eden. Among other crazy cat and twin shenanigans… every time we entered our house the girls would smother Penny with loves.IMG_0808 IMG_0809


Fay and Eden decided she needed a hair cut this one time…
IMG_8533 IMG_8926 IMG_0873


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She actually enjoyed it in there….

IMG_7903 IMG_7876

We kept one of the kittens from her last litter. Cow. Yes, his name is Cow. He’s missing his mom but we’re giving him extra snuggles.


We had dinner out at my parents house last night- once my little family arrived the girls came over to me and wiped away my tears…
“What’s wrong mommy?” “Why are you sad?”
Gah! We didn’t want to tell them when we were at my parents house because we wanted to try to keep the mood up.

So once we returned home we had to tell the girls what happened to Penny.

We sat them down by us on the couch, the waterworks were already going again for me…
“Girls… Something really sad has happened. It makes us sad but it’s going to be ok.” Josh said. “Penny got a big owie. She’s in heaven now.”
“Penny’s dead?” Eden asked.
“Yes sweety, (sniff, sniff, sniff) Penny died today.” I replied.
“Penny’s a spirit cat now!” Fay said with a smile.
Josh and I looked at eachother, a little perplexed.
Fay and Eden shared some giggles with us as they laughed about how Penny was now a spirit cat and that she was running around “not wrecking things” in heaven.
Later when I was talking to Josh I again expressed how surprised I was at how well the girls took the news and how they didn’t shed a tear. Josh said it best when he reminded me that they’ve been taught well. They know what happens when someone dies.

So off Penny has gone. She’s joined our Heavenly Pet Club with Sasha and Molly, Freckles and Panda.

We’re good friends with some Missionaries from the LDS church, they shared a scripture with us from Doctrine and Covenants section 77 verses 1-4 which summed up says this, “Beasts have spirits and will dwell in eternal felicity.”


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