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TBH… I feel like the HIPPO-est of hypocriters right now. It’s a laugh, really. You’re about to view a fashion post on my blog. CURRENT STATUS: My baby is balanced in my arms (finally asleep) while I’m typing this out, my greasy hair is up in a flopping, top-knot, I have the comfiest sweatpants on and my hubby’s hoodie and socks. Bra-less of course. I have brushed my teeth already so that’s a win… I’m also on my second load of laundry so it’s not all the fails over here. #reallife #letsbereal

Welp! Anyways! This post could easily be called Winter Floral… because our neck of the woods woke up to snow this morning. And Little Leo and I woke up were woken up by two excited little girls who, about as subtly as two trumpeting elephants, barged into my bedroom this morning to proclaim their excitement of the snow fall.

We are longer than long, over due for a How We Wore It post! Our goal with our How We Wore It series is to find fashion inspiration from things in our own closets. I’ve linked to my friends’ blogs at the end of my post so you can see how they wore it! Finding floral in Fay and Eden’s closet was easy peasy. Back to School shopping was (and always is) super fun. We brought Fay and Eden with us to let them choose a bunch of their own clothes this year. It’s so fun to watch their individuality.

Finding floral in my closet was… well…I’d be lying if I told you that I didn’t make a purchase for this post. My closet wasn’t floral friendly to my postpartum bod. Also… I’d be lying if I said that the pants you’re about to see are something that I’d wear on a normal occasion… because… they’re not. The shirt I planned to purchase was MIA. So… instead… well, you’ll see.  However… I must talk about the shirt I was longing for because, that is real-life something I’d wear. Ha! It was a chambray button up with floral embroidered detail.  My pinterest “to wear” board is loaded with floral… and a few embroidered pieces that I’m loving! I absolutely love Eden’s floral embroidered jacket. I would totally wear it! And Fay’s lo-high dress with pockets! is just the cutest.

 And here’s a little shot of Leo for ya… Whilst writing this post the babe’s been resting in my arms. Good thing only fingers are required for typing!

Thanks for scrolling! xoxo

Eden’s jacket: Old Navy
Eden’s pants: Old Navy
Fay’s dress: Old Navy
My top: Old Navy
My pants: Old Navy
My boots: Aldo


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