Words never do true feelings much justice.

“They” say that a picture is worth a million words… so just a little talking/reading here, then more photos.

We welcomed little Leo into the world and into our family August 27th, 2017 at 12:11 pm.

Like Fay and Eden’s birth, I was induced. I must have a very comfortable womb. Unlike Fay and Eden’s birth, I did not have an epidural. INSERT ALL THE SCREAMS. The Friday prior to my induction date, I had a non-stress test in the labor and delivery suite at the hospital… lucky me, I was there just in time to hear a woman giving birth. I was mortified. I was not vocal with the twins’ birth and hence, I assumed that I wouldn’t be vocal with this birth either. Oh boy.

So here it is, 5 hours of labor wrapped up in a nutshell for you.

Check in at hospital. Gown. Gel. Sick. Cramps. Contractions. CONTRACTIONS. Back labor. Hot shower.
“I think my water broke…” me.
“Oh! Nope. Small hemorrhage.” Nurse.
Yoga ball.
“Morphine or Epidural ma’am” …. I’ve gone hours without anything so why not finish it out, I know how painful it is to get the needle in the back and then get the tape ripped off afterwards… Morphine. 5 mLs. Contractions every 40 seconds for 2 hours. The morphine did not help with the pain. I repeat. it did not help with the pain… it just took of “the edge” – is what they said. But actually what it did was cause me to pretty much fall asleep for 20 seconds between contractions… twas a sight to behold, I’m sure.
Somewhere in there my thinking that my water broke got written out in the hall on the labouring board… when actually it hadn’t broke. Continued contractions. My nurse went for her lunch break and another nurse entered. I was asking for my doctor, whom I love, BTW. Then Josh pipes in and says, “Hannah, do you want me to have the nurse go get your doctor so she can break your water?”
Nurse says…. “What? Her water hasn’t broken?”
Josh, “No.”
Nurse, “The labouring board in the hall says that it’s broken! I’ll get the doctor!”
Doctor breaks water. I’m ready to push. According to Josh the doctor and nurses were rushing around to prep everything for push time. Speaking of push time. PUSH TIME! 10 minutes. Excruciating. Actually excruciating. Like… guess who was vocal. (face palm) Yup, me. Insert all the screams. Thank heavens you forget the pain… I felt like I was partially there and partially blacked out. I’ve pretty much vowed to never do that again without an epidural.
Holy guacamole.
They placed the little dude on my chest and all euphoria washed over me. T’was heaven. I am soooo grateful that Josh was there!

My sister came over right after he was born and then my mom brought Fay and Eden and the rest of the gang to meet him that evening (sans my dad, who was at my brothers graduation for his MSIT (Masters of Science Information Technology)! Congrats again broski).
Watching the girls meet their little brother was a treasured moment. They had the most sparkly look in their eyes.

Photo credit goes to us… ha. Josh, my sister and myself. OH! And to one of our nurses.
Thanks for meeting our Little Dude, Leo <3

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