Growing A Family

The love of a family is something I’m really learning to cherish. From the family that I grew up in and love to connect with, to the family that my husband and I are nurturing, to the family that has come into my life through marriage, to our warmest friendships that we choose as family, to a loving community. It is wonderful. That being said – it’s not all rainbows and ponies. But nothing with great depth really is. In our families we learn from our greatest teachers, we learn our biggest lessons and we grow. Sometimes it hurts. But the healing and the wisdom is worth it! Being a mother is what I always wanted to be when I grew up. I wonder how many times I’ve said that on this blog… #truth… I’m learning to be patient. And I love that. I love the feeling of handling otherwise frustrating situations with love rather than anger. I haven’t become a master of it yet, but I’m so grateful for the small victories. I think I could write a novel about how much I love my sweet, sweet girls. I’ll save it for another day 😉

Maybe you’ve heard all the typical conversation starters from an average human to a pregnant human…
“How are you feeling?” … oh you know… do you want the nutshell version or…
“You look great!” (usually said with either surprise or sincerity…I prefer sincerity.)
“You look like you’re going to POP!” … gee thanks.
“Oh… A summer baby… I’m so sorry!” … I’m now understanding why people are apologizing for this. Holy dinah. Take me to the Arctic Circle or something.

A lot of people assume that carrying a singleton must be much easier than carrying twins. That’s how I thought it would be too. But oddly enough, I’ve found that this pregnancy hasn’t been so. And I think I can chalk up most of the reasons why:
#1 I’m mothering 2 active 6 year olds. (In contrast with the twins pregnancy… zero children to care for. Just Joshy-Pooh, Mr. Cat and me.)
#2 Josh has been away at school. So… that left a huge void and double the responsibilities of life.
#3 I worked actively on my feet for the majority of my pregnancy. My body sincerely thanks me now for being on mat-leave. (When I was pregnant with the twins I worked as a receptionist at a medical clinic, I sat on an exercise ball all day- strengthening my core and NOT being on my feet all day.)
#4 I eat like crap. Somebody slap me.
#5 There’s nothing quite like moving houses when you’re in your 3rd trimester. THANK GOODNESS Joshy came home that weekend, and thank goodness for the help we had from family and friends.

Little facts about Little Dude:

– I felt movement much earlier with the twins than I did with Little Dude. I also felt a heck of a lot more movement with the twins… no surprise there I’m sure, what with the doubled amount of limbs floating around.

– I have no recollection of the twins causing much pain to me in utero. Some days I feel like I can relate to Bella Swan when she was pregnant with her vampire child that pretty much destroyed her body… Sometimes it really hurts when Little Dude is moving around!

– I had no inkling as to what I was having when pregnant with my twinners, nor did we find out!
I didn’t say it out loud to anyone, but I suspected that Little Dude would in fact be a Little Dude.

– I experienced a deep rooted nausea through out my first trimester and part of my second trimester, with Little Dude, that would hit me with some intense fatigue midday. That being said… Only once have I “been sick” – and it was all of the sudden. I had none of that with the twins, except the “all-of-the-sudden-I’m-gunna-barf” thing that happened twice. So once for each kid I guess!

– I was pretty happy-go-lucky when I was pregnant with my girls. Josh and I had experienced a miscarriage before our twins so we were just so happy to be doing well with that pregnancy. I’ve been much more emotional this time around. For the most part I’ve been blessed to be able to keep my emotions at bay and just have a rare moment of overwhelm come over me every now and then. The last week or so has been a little rough as I’ve been feeling an odd sense of loneliness and boredom. Neither of which are super common for me to feel… even if I am alone or bored.

– I was induced with my twins… So I’m feeling nervous about going into labor. OH… and there’s the fact that my husband may or may not make it home in time for the birth. LIFE. The things it throws at you!

All in all I am very excited to meet this Little Dude. I’m excited to watch Fay and Eden with their little brother and I’m excited to see Josh father a son. Last week Josh told me that it’ll be quite the adjustment going from no men in the house to having two.

All the thanks in the world goes to my phenomenal friend, Brittany for these photos. And a special thanks to the one and only Letje for doing my makeup.

Thanks for scrolling!
XOXO The Twinnerpated Mom

My Dress: Bisou Bisou, no longer available. Similar look here
Fay and Eden’s dress: Old Navy, no longer available. Similar look here
Josh’s amazing blazer… He’s checking on that for me 😉 Similar look here

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