Five Wishes

Happy 5th Birthday Fay and Eden!IMG_7335

I hope, beyond anything else, that you know how much your mom and dad love you. A friend said to me the other day, “Don’t you just love them so much? Don’t you just love them with every fibre of your being?”

IMG_7346Yes. Yes I do. I most certainly do.

If I could make just one wish, it would be for time to sloooooooow down. Amidst the “hurry ups!’ and the “clean your rooms,” the “it’s bedtime, pleeeeeeease don’t come out of your bed agains” and the “5 more bites” … I just wish that time would slow down. I really can’t believe that we’ve had 5 whole years with you. We’ll never have enough. Cruel as it is, time will not freeze. It can’t stand still. It moves on as it always has.

Five wishes are better than one anyways, right?

  1. Miss Fay and my little Eden-bean, my biggest wish for you is that you will be happy. That you will be able to find happiness always and in everything that you do. That laughter will be apart of your every day and that the joy you have shared with so, so many will last in you forever. You have fantastic memories, mom and dad love hearing you tell us about all the things you remember. I hope that you will remember all of our happy times together.IMG_7283 IMG_7253.1

2. I wish for you to always be strong and healthy. That you’ll continue to love dancing and singing and running and skipping and jumping, that you will eat your dang vegetables but never be afraid to eat cake for breakfast (every once in a blue moon… you’re actually doing a great job eating veggies lately.)IMG_7383 IMG_7385 foodcut the cake

3. I wish that you will never be afraid to BE YOU.

To be unique, ring aroundto create,

IMG_7357 IMG_7349IMG_7709to explore.

bean boozeled

(Bean Boozled)

Fay, we love your energy and wit. Sometimes it’s hard to keep a straight face when you’re handing out a shpeal of sass. We love your spunk and we love how you always have sissy’s back.IMG_7330 IMG_7294 IMG_7360

Eden, we love your sensitive nature. You have the tenderest little heart. You always know when mommy or daddy needs a hug and you notice when someone is feeling left out.IMG_7363 IMG_7255 IMG_7295.1

4. I wish for you to have the desire to be good. To be good human beings and to be respectful of everyone. I wish for you to make good choices and to be careful, to be kind and compassionate and to show

5. I wish for you to love and be loved. To have and be great friends…IMG_7474.1 IMG_7439 IMG_7564IMG_7547IMG_7526 IMG_7528 IMG_7537 IMG_7535 IMG_7498IMG_7670 IMG_7667IMG_7489 IMG_7625

The good friends are the ones who know you, the ones who come early and stay late to help you, the ones who let you cry on their shoulder, the ones who know just how to cheer you up, the ones who check in to see how you’re doing, the ones who make you feel good about yourself.

And of course I hope you enjoy being with your family…cake time IMG_7451 IMG_7688.1 IMG_7674

…the card games, the chore days, the car rides, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Happy, happy 5th birthday to you. May all your wishes and mine come true.IMG_7598 IMG_7600.1

I love you,




*Thank you so much to my wonderful friends and family who helped me and saved me on this lovely occasion. You know how badly I needed you and you were there with smiles. Thank you for teaching me and my girls what friendship looks like. Nicole, Brittany, Liz, Taylor, Mom, Allison, Levi (Tarzan/Karzan) and Amy – Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Lime Coconut birthday cake (to die for) by the amazing, AMAZING Nicole of Pepper and Palate
Beautiful photography by Brittany Lowry

Bean Boozled | Found at local grocery store, can also be found HERE
Ring Around the Nosy | HERE
Fay and Eden’s tops | Old Navy (on sale!)
Fay and Eden’s leggings | The Children’s Place (also on sale!)