Mom Fails

Howdy. It’s currently 10:43 on a Friday night. The kiddos are in bed, the neighbours are having a bonfire, and I’ve been editing photos. I got thinking about my day and decided hey… why not share this weeks epic mom fails.

It started Monday I guess.
We went on a super hike with some great friends. Eden got a headache when we got to the waterfall… she said it was too loud. I didn’t think anything of it. Tuesday… I picked her up early from a playdate at her friends because she wasn’t feeling well and had a fever. Their friend’s grandma called to warn me that Chicken Pox was going around so to watch for spots. Please no. Children’s Motrin seemed to work for the evening. The girls were so excited to buy their own pool pass this year with birthday money from their Aunties and Christmas money from their Grandpa. They were pleading with me to take them swimming… we did go.
Wednesday morning Eden was feverish and headachy. No school for her. I had to work that morning so, thankfully my mother-in-law was able to come to the rescue and take care of Miss Eden.  More Motrin- it kicked in nicely. I think Wednesday was the hottest day so far this year… perfect day to go to the pool? *Disclaimer* I realize now that I am an idiot for taking an off-and-on little sicky to the public pool where germs are prevalent and multiply. Fellow pool moms… forgive me. I had a photo session that night that we had to leave the pool early for… not to mention bedtime for the munchkins ect… That night Eden woke up with a very itchy ankle. Those darned mosquitos is what I was thinking when I retrieved the AfterBite. But when looking closer I noticed a rash. I brought her into the light and noticed that the rash was distributed on other parts of her body as well. What the? So I called Dr.-to-be, Josh and chatted about some possibilities. One realization being, Hey… you idiot. You took your kid to the pool and left in a hurry…meaning there was no shower rinse off. Great. Did my kid contract a disease at the pool due to her low immunity with not being 100% and her brainless mother not thinking to rinse? Word to the wise… shower after the pool. Duh. Maybe that should read “Word to the foolish” … I’m sure the wise don’t need that reminder. Anyways… I gave her some Benadryl and back to bed she went.
Things looked better Thursday morning. She seemed to be feeling better. So I sent her to school. Moms… I hope you’re not silently cursing me. The kids were supposed to have a water day at school that day.. Eden wore the same swimsuit from the previous pool adventure (the non-rinsed one) When I got her home and changed the rash was back. She was itchy and uncomfortable. So I did what any mom would do, I booked her an appointment to see the doctor and then… I ran her a nice warm bath with epsom salts. FACE PALM. *Disclaimer #2* Obviously I’m not the one in medschool here. Apparently giving your rash-burdened child a warm bath is THE.WORST.THING. you can do. Needless to say, after the bath her rash looked much worse. (By this point, I hadn’t clued in that the bath thing was a bad idea.) Off we went to see the doctor who chalked up the rash to an allergic reaction to some plant from our hike. He gave me some instructions to help her be comfortable and said, “No hot tubs or warm baths.” Gulp. Oops. Splat. Bang. Crash.
Two expensive prescriptions later, we are on the mend…and MOMS!!!! Don’t worry – it’s not contagious.
Tonight, I worked again and am grateful to my mom for having my minions. I guess Eden did well. She had about an hour-ish long episode of discomfort when we all got home tonight. Poor girl was just itchy and asking when this would go away. (insert heartbreak) I lathered one of the prescription on her and it soothed her discomfort. Shortly after that, her and Fay were past the ready-for-bed tired phase and straight into giggly-silly-twiddles phase. It was adorable to watch them laughing at each other after a long week of less than amicable behaviour.

So to my thoughts this Friday night. It’s a sucky, helpless feeling when your child is sick or uncomfortable. However, I count my blessings that for the most part, my children have enjoyed very healthy living thus far and we pray often that it continues as such.
Grandmas. The only other people you want to nurture your children if you have to, say… be at work. Thank you Marianne and Mom for making yourselves available so that I could keep my shifts. I love snuggling and laughing with those two little twiddles of mine. #blessed

It’s now 11:39 and I Hope we’re all still friends!


The Twinnerpated Mom

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