The Little Chicks are Six

Six years old. I think the whole age and growing thing will always tug at my heart strings. I’ve loved every stage and every age, but I sure wish they lasted longer. Blah blah blah, sappy mom post #sorry #notsorry

The inevitable did happen. They did have another birthday. My favourite part about their birthday is celebrating who they are, watching their reactions to thoughtful gifts, doing my best to make their day extra special… and of course, planning and prepping for their birthday party…and…I’d be a big far liar if I didn’t mention that eating Nicole’s cake is another birthday favourite.

Five was a hard year for our family. It included a lot of learning and growing and a lot of hard work. Fay and Eden’s dad left for med-school back in the Caribbean just a few short days after the girls’ last birthday. Between our regular FaceTime visits we only physically saw Josh a handful of times. We’ve all learned to work hard, work together and sacrifice. SHOUTOUT to the many, many humans who have helped us so much.

Six is going to be a VERY exciting year! Some more big changes will be happening in our family. Fay and Eden will become big sisters to a little brother this August! Joshy finishes his schooling in the Caribbean this August! And if all goes according to plan we’ll be off and running (place unknown) to clinical rotations sometime in the first quarter of 2018. Woo-ee!

Fay and Eden are loving kindergarten. They love playdates. They want to go to New York. They want to be pop stars. They don’t want to change diapers when Little Man arrives. I’m always amazed by their tender ways. Yes… they squabble. But… who doesn’t?

This year’s theme has been in my brain for a while. 4.5 years to be exact-ish. I’ve wanted to do a mermaid theme party for them ever since we spent 1.5 years living in the Caribbean. The inspiration for this party came from a bubble machine. Our bubble machine that I forgot to use at the party. (face palm)

E.V.E.R.Y.  year I tell myself that I need to start prepping earlier. Maybe I’ll get it together next year. I was still decorating as friends were arriving to the party. Thank heaven’s for Joshy being home. He was a trooper and the biggest help! And thank heaven’s for great pals like Tarzan, Captain Hook, Levi for lending a hand. Literally, a hand. Amy popped over on her lunch break and thought it was cruel funny that I assigned the “one-handed-guy” the fine motor skills job. He did a mighty fine job. I applaud him.

Fay and Eden loved spending party time with some of their friends. They’re still telling people about how thoughtful their friends are. #gratitude #winning.

We played some cheesy party games like, Don’t Eat Pete! and Seashell, SeaShell, Who’s Got The Seashell? (an oceanic twist on the original game, Button, Button, Who’s Got The Button? There was some freeze dance involved, some fishing, and we helped all the girls make a beautiful sea-glass necklace… that was JOSHY’S idea! Brilliant! We ate the most glorious cake made by the most talented, Nicole Olthuis of Pepper and Palate. A funfetti cake with white chocolate mousse filling and a lemon buttercream icing. The most delicious, most beautiful cake. THANK YOU!!!

One of Fay and Eden’s friend’s picked these Ukulele’s out in Hawaii and brought them back for the girls! So tender!


We finished the evening with just the four of us at our favourite mountain escape. The weather in town was beautiful… the weather near the mountains was not so beautiful. We went to a park and handed the girls a gift. They opened them and were so happy to have new helmets! “Thanks Mom and Dad!” they said with genuine excitement…. then it started to POOR rain. Our plans were ruined. Or so I thought. Our favourite foodie place was closed, bummer, so we went to another restaurant and ordered dinner. The rain turned to sleet. Great. (insert eye roll) Our waitress sweetly brought the girls a giant birthday dessert. By the time we finished (or almost finished) everything, the sun came out! Miracle! We went back to the park and asked the girls to help us get some stuff out of the trunk. Their reactions are something that I will treasure forever.

Happy 6th birthday my little angels. You are SO loved.

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xoxo The Twinnerpated Mom

Fay’s Shirt | Old Navy
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