The Gender Reveal

My dad rolled his eyes and laughed out loud when I told him we were going to have a gender reveal party.

“Millennials.” Was the exact word he used as he shook his head in fun. He loves me.

Hey… Any excuse to have a party right? And to be honest…  this little Caribbean Miracle Bean currently growing in utero deserves a celebration or a trophy or something! Can I get an “Amen!?”

We are so grateful to our families and friends who came! It really looked like you enjoyed yourselves 🙂 And to our family and friends who watched our live stream on Facebook… You are wonderful humans. Thank you for celebrating with us!

I wanted our little famjam to be just as surprised as everyone else at the reveal party. I picked up “the envelope” from the clinic and took it straight to Nicole. I can not thank this my multi-talented human enough. Seriously. This was a psycho busy time for her. She was excited and so willing to pull this off for us.
T H A N K   Y O U ! Not only did she hunt down the chalk and organize the chalk, but she captured this amazing memory for us on film.

If the reveal were to reveal a girl, I would be ecstatic. We have all the girl things. Set for life. If the reveal were to reveal a boy… complete shock.

A boy… A BOY! … A BOY?!??!!?!

I am beyond excited to have a little man. It will be an adventure for sure! My close friends know that I still can’t even say “that word” so I’m really gunna have to pull my socks up. A boy. Ok! I loved what people have shared with me about having a son. We’re excited to be growing our family…  Fay and Eden are going to be amazing big sisters. I’m so excited to watch their little faces when they get to meet him for the first time.

Josh 100% thought that this little nugget would be a girl. I asked him if he’d share his thoughts for the blog… So without further ado, for the first time on the blog… straight from the thoughts and word document of Josh, and with only minor editing by yours truly…. Josh’s thoughts on… “It’s a boy!”

“Since the moment my wifey handed me the little wrapped package of an Altoid Tin with a positive pregnancy test inside, I was convinced it was female- an instinctive gut feeling. Months went by and ultra sound results (high heart rate) suggested to confirm my suspicion. When people would ask what I was “hoping for,” I would reply with a fairly typical – “Healthy.” Of course any parent to be would hope for a healthy and strong child, this especially rings true for me as I have chosen to try my hand at med school where I am surrounded by disorders, diseases and congenital anomalies. This is where I would usually start “nerd-ing out,” but I know it wouldn’t make it through Hannah’s proof read of my account.

When I got home for a whirlwind of a semester break there was a growing anticipation of finding out more about ‘ear-of-corn sized baby’ growing away. “It’s a girl,” I’d say with complete confidence. Well, low and behold… I WAS WRONG (and the first to admit it)! Surrounded by family and close friends, the reveal was CHALK-ING — see what I did there Han ;). *Such a proud wife moment, great pun Josh!*

Almost poetic, and in retrospect, foreshadowing the reveal of a boy, the reveal happened at a completely un-intentional location, a park next to my high school football field. I now know why gender reveal parties are trending- ours was unforgettably fun. This was a perfect way to find out and celebrate this little dude’s life. All the uniqueness and creativity points go to my wife!

The fact that I played a roll in creating life is humbling and extremely fulfilling. The ability to procreate and extend your family name and legacy is truly one of the purest and greatest joys in life, nothing short of a miracle. I am, of course, pumped to become a father to another little chicken nugget, even if he ends up taller, tougher, and better looking than me, like I did to my dad ;).

I am excited to meet you, Little Dude, and to give you the world.”

We all are, Little Dude.

Photo credit to my good pal, Nicole Olthuis.


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