Tale As Old As Time

Part of me wishes I was posting something green and Patricky today… but, alas, not today. Don’t pinch us.

If you haven’t heard, (you’d have to be living under a rock to not have heard) Disney’s live action Beauty and the Beast comes out today. We haven’t made arrangements to see the movie yet but that didn’t stop us from getting “Belle-ified.”

I’ve probably mentioned this before but, I am a big baby when it comes to Disney movies. I cry in all of them. It’s getting worse. Possibly because I’m pregnant… We turned on the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack while getting ready for this photoshoot. Tale as old as Time was playing… and who was getting emotional? Uhg. Ya, me. What the heck? The Moana soundtrack makes me bawl every.time. I didn’t expect the theme song from Beauty and the Beast to get me going!

Belle has always been my favourite Disney Princess. She’s smart, brave, courageous and she doesn’t allow anyone to push her around. She sees deep inside a persons soul.  You’ve heard the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” I love the parallel of Belle’s love for reading books and the way she falls in love with the Beast. It’s a timeless classic. One could even call it a tale as old as time. (insert bashful/clever face)

The very talented Miranda of Miranda’s Originals contacted me a while ago to ask what I thought about her making the new Belle dresses for the girls to borrow. Um YES PLEASE! Her attention to detail is incredible. We are so amazed and grateful to her.

You may wonder where the Beast is in these photos. Let me tell you… the Beast was very much present. The Beast was the wind and it was very beastly.
All hail to Eden for the fabulous idea to include the trusty steed, Philippe in these photos. Brilliant.
Be our guest (see what I did there?) as I present my precious Beauties.

If Emma Watson ever needs a young look-a-like … Fay’s the girl!

Thanks for scrolling! xoxo


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